Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ocobter Site-Based Meeting Minutes

Site Base   10-2-13

Attending:  Mr. Elsesser, Mrs. Bellows, Mrs. Cahill, Mr.  Jacobs, Mrs. Fuller,  Jackie Ronning, Lorraine Brooks, Mrs. MacIntire

New Business
1.     Minutes
2.     Adding to the meeting minutes for September: Open House
a.     Talk to parents get feedback, perhaps a survey, what works best for parents
b.     Letter in the summer before students leave us, and send home supply list, also post it on line and send it as summer homework
c.      Goals: Holding Adult Ed. Classes, resource room for parent family information, a coffee hour to meet with the principal, Sam has offered a per-PTG meeting/meet with the principal ask questions, etc.
d.     Open House—Adult Classes, maybe at the High School/ or even provide the public with Word, basic Computer Skills.

New Business:
1.     Gayle Bellows---new member, support staff representative
2.     Nancy LeClair---Grade 3 North Walpole School—teacher rep.
3.     We will need to put something in the Clarion to ask for community members
4.     Review Goals
a.     Create connections with parents and community members that engage them with students and staff at the school (coffee hour, resource information)
b.     Complete Pre-K committee process and present to the findings to the Walpole Site Base Committee
c.      Support the Accreditation/School Improvement Process
d.     Serve as the Advisory Board for the School’s Guidance Program
5.     Question about Accreditation Process—What happens if you are not accredited?  High Schools need it to be accredited for college purposes. There are less than 20 schools K-8 that are accredited in the State of NH, it is an option in the state. We have used it as a means to grow, and as part of our improvement process. The High School really needs to be accredited for college and work-bound students.

6.     Pre-K Committee—asking for Pre-K program, mornings part time teacher/one aide, that would increase the Walpole Budget for $44, 000, Salaries, $3000 for materials. 15 students, 4-year-olds, we have to decide to how to do this. Possibly computer/lab at the primary school, move computers, and get a mobile lab, etc. There will be more logistics coming in the future…this program has started in Alstead and Charlestown. There are possibly about 20 students to target in town, etc.  Transportation and integration with other childcare/preschool providers in the area would need to be worked out.  This program might grow in the future. Consideration will be made for special needs and our current district-wide preschool. Administration will need to decide about the special needs program.
*Site Base approved this program through consensus.

Budget Review (3 handouts)

1.     Staffing Chart for 2014-2015. Sam explained how we schedule and plan for the future years.
2.     Draft Budget shared, Selectmen, Board invited to meet in November, please look over and review, Sam would like us to review for next meeting
a.     Note $15,000 for text replacement which would be for Math
b.     Technology Mantainance Agreement has increased due to use and need of the programs, IXL, Read 180, etc.
c.      Chairs and tables for Pre-K.
d.     $16,000 in technology---iPad cart, replace printers, possible mobile lab for primary,
e.     office expenses
f.      line item 231—special education hasn’t really changed, they have  a separate account
g.     Co-curricular is not changing (sports)
h.     Office of principal—not changing
3.     Summary of Budget on next handout (note that textbooks has decreased, but technology has increased), Special Ed. equipment increase,
4.     Guidance down--$600 for a variety of equipment
5.     Nurse down $1000
6.     Office of Principal—gave more money for travel
7.     The budget will increase about 14%, but it may not, this is a temporary

8.     Question about state aide for next year---the information will be 3-4 weeks later than last year.

Meeting on 11/13---due to parent teacher conferences

Other Business
1.     Science- can improve but we are 53% proficient we are above the state and the district. You want to see trends going up.
2.     8th 43% Walpole 35 for district and 31% for the state