Walpole Site-Based Committee
The Walpole Site-Based Committee will encourage the staff, parents and community members to work collaboratively to design and implement challenging and relevant educational programs that allow all students and staff to learn and succeed in a mutually supportive environment.

§To emphasize self-respect, mutual-respect and responsible citizenship.
§  To promote high expectations to develop confidence, interest, excitement, and willingness to participate in the learning process.
§  To foster the creation of a learning environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.
§  To continually strive for high academic standards.
§  To enhance intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of all students.
§  To instill the concept that education is a process of life long learning.
§  To encourage and support professional excellence for all staff.
§  To communicate with the school board on a consistent basis.
§  To foster parental and community support in achieving the mission of the Walpole School.
§  To produce globally competitive students.
§  Provide a forum for ideas and opinions from everyone within our community and school.
§  Incorporate community input into our decision making process.
§  Review, discuss, adopt and annually evaluate a school improvement plan, which strives to accomplish the long-term goals and enhances the academic and social growth of our students.
§  Enlist the support of all staff, parents, community, school district and student representatives in the implementation of the improvement plan.
§  Present annual report to the superintendent on the progress of the school improvement plan and summary of activities and decisions of the Site-Based Committee.
§  Plan and evaluate the school budget.   
§  Participate in and promote the school budget.
§  Participate in the selection of curriculum, special programs and address other matters regarding the improvement of education.
§  Participate in school personnel decisions (where warranted).
§  Function as the advisory committee for the school’s guidance program.
§  We are empowered by Fall Mountain Regional School District to operate our Site-Based Committee under guidelines and regulations set forth in documents titled CFA, CFAA, CFAB, and revisions.
§  We are encouraged to render actions that complement the mission statement of the Walpole Attendance Area.
§  We are confined to act with respect to regulation and contract limitations.
§  We are a decision making body for the Walpole Attendance Area.
§  We provide an advisory function to the school board for regional issues.
§  We operate with the understanding that there may be circumstances that require a decision by the school board.
§  One principal
§  Two support staff members
§  Five teachers
§  Four parents (not employed by the Fall Mountain Regional School District)
§  Four community representatives residing in the Walpole Attendance Area (not a parent or employed by the Fall Mountain Regional School District)
§  One Walpole school board member
Each constituency, with the exception of the principal and the school board member, shall be entitled to use a secret election process to select its representative(s) and may announce an alternate.  All elections of members will be conducted in June under the auspices of the Site-Based Committee.  The Site-Based Committee approves the ballot, directs distribution to constituents, and supervises the counting of returns.  Annually, a nominating committee will be formed to fill membership vacancies.  In the event there is a vacancy, the nominating committee will recommend a replacement to finish the term, subject to approval by the Site-Based Committee.
Members shall serve for a two-year term.  No one may serve more than two consecutive terms, except the school principal and the school board member, if applicable.
The chairperson shall contact any member who is absent from more than two meetings in a school year to discuss the member’s continuing interest in membership.  More than three absences from regular meetings during the school year may result in termination of membership upon a majority vote of Site-Based Committee members present.
A chairperson and a secretary will be elected by a majority vote of the Site-Based Committee members present.  Additional offices may be created upon consensus of the council membership.  These offices will be filled by a majority vote present.
Any member may serve as any Site-Based Committee officer, with the exception of the principal and the school board member; they may not serve as chairperson.
Each officer shall serve a term beginning September 1 and ending the next September.  The following September, during the first meeting of the school year, candidates for chairperson and other officers shall be nominated and elected by a majority vote of the council.  Those elected shall take office immediately.
The replacement of an officer who is no longer a member of the council, or who resigns office, shall be decided by an election of the majority of the members present during the council’s next regular meeting.
The chairperson shall preside at all council meetings.  An alternate, appointed by the chairperson prior to the meeting shall preside in the chairperson’s absence.

Meetings shall be held at least once a month during the regular school year as scheduled by the council.  Meetings during the summer months shall be held as needed and decided by the chairperson.
The regular meetings shall be held in compliance with the state’s open meetings law.  An annual schedule of meetings shall be printed and posted on the school bulletin board, sent home to parents, posted in the newspaper, Site-Based Committee blog and mailed to anyone who provides a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  In compliance with the state’s open meeting law, emergency meetings may be called with the provision of: (1) twenty-four hour notice posted on the school door, (2) communication to all current committee members, and (3) notice sent home with students when school is in session.
A quorum consisting of a majority of the membership representing at least five of the constituent groups must be present at a legally convened meeting.
The chairperson, in consultation with the members and principal, shall prepare an agenda.  The agenda shall be provided to all members of the council three days before the meeting.  A place shall be reserved on every agenda to allow any member of the Walpole community to address the committee.  These members, however, may not take part in the decision making process.
The Site-Based Committee may establish committees to accomplish specific tasks.  Each committee shall have at least one member from the council.  Participation is open to any member of the Walpole community.
The Site-Based Committee shall appoint the leader for each committee from its members.  The committee shall establish the following committees as needed:
§  Curriculum
§  Policy/By-laws
§  Safety / Facilities
§  Personnel
§  Nominating Committee
§  Site-Based Evaluation Committee
Committees shall annually develop operating procedures in order to conduct tasks.
The secretary shall be charged to keep action minutes of all meetings.  In the absence of the secretary, the chairperson will find an alternate.  The actions recorded during the meeting shall be read for verification at the end of the meeting.  The secretary shall provide a copy of the minutes for each member to approve or correct at the next meeting and post approved minutes on the school bulletin board and Site-Based Committee blog.  The minutes shall be maintained in a secure place in the school office.
A proposed amendment to these bylaws may be presented to the committee in writing at a regularly scheduled meeting when a quorum and at least two-thirds of the members are present.  Adoption of an amendment requires consensus at two meetings before the amendment takes effect.
Site-Based Committee members shall present the ideas, concerns, and problems of students, parents, teachers, community, and administration of the Walpole Attendance Area.  Members shall state their views on all topics under discussion to help the committee arrive at consensus, if possible.

Consensus means that all committee members are in substantial agreement with the proposal.       
Members agree that they will not work against any decision made by consensus and will support the decision to the degree possible. 
On matters that require an immediate decision or expenditure of funds where consensus is not achieved, two-thirds of the committee members present must vote to submit the question to a binding vote of two-thirds of all members of the committee.

Consensus does not require unanimous agreement. If a discussion shows that members are in accord on an issue, the leader may ask for a determination of those who agree and consent, those who do not agree but will consent, and those who neither agree nor consent. If consensus cannot be attained on matters of school policy, refer the matter to a committee charged to present improvements or alternatives for future consideration.

In April of each year, the Walpole Attendance Area shall appoint a committee of Site-Based Committee members and interested school community members to evaluate the performance of the committee.  The results of the evaluation shall determine areas for improvement and goals for the coming year.  The report of this committee is due prior to the June meeting.
The Walpole School Site-Based Committee shall recognize and observe all laws, regulations, district policies, collective bargaining, and other agreements in its operations.
Revised 1/13