Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November Site-Based

November 13, 2013 Minutes

Attending: C. Broadley, G. Bellows, N. LeClair, J. Ronning, J. Palmiotto, G. Elsesser, S. Cahill, M. Aumand, J. Fabis, L. Brooks, S. Manning, L. DeCoste, S Jacobs

1. Community Forum:
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2. Approval of Minutes---No comments or changes

4. New Business Items (moved from agenda this position due to the budget presentations).
a. Accountability with Testing---Pre-K will even be preparing for testing. The district is now discussing the amount of Assessments that are being done. Are we getting the right information? Are we over-testing? What are the right schedules and tests for our children? We want consistency throughout the district. We hope to reduce the amount of assessments. We are trying to prioritize our assessments and streamline our approach. Assessments should drive instruction/and help give teachers information. Teachers are listening to each other and giving feedback to each other to get ideas.  Some of the teachers don’t feel that they are trained to use the assessments and the some are feeling there is a great deal of
repetition/duplication. There is a great deal of time that must be invested in this.  A 1-year study is being conducted. Whatever test we do must be aligned to Common Core.

b.  Math Program Review Team-----district-wide curriculum/approach is being reviewed. The team is narrowing it down to 2/3 programs.  In March the Prof. Develop Committee will use that time to have reps come in to teach us about their programs.  In terms of K-12 program, there is no one good company that does this. It must be district-wide K-5 and then 6-8, then something for the high school. These programs will be with us for a while. New teachers must be retrained by the company so they are up to speed on it. Fact Fluency is also a district focus. (A review of Karate Math from NWS was discussed).

c.  CCSS Update------How teachers are incorporating standards into the current lessons, we may only new “tweak” the current programs. We are using the trainings we have had to present the program—using the existing program to build toward Common Core. Discussion.   Parent workshops, Parent meetings about CC will possibly take place in the spring.

d. WES School Climate/Activities:  Middle School working on connections and relationships, recognition, etc. newer activities to inspire the students. Positive school climate-student of the month---recognition for a variety of reasons, three certificates, reward trips, no F’s, no detention, get to go swimming, bowling, etc.  Dances are not so much about grades—2 detentions or in-school  suspensions, there is an incentive to participate.  We want to remain positive about dances---now kids can go to the dance if they are having academic/behavior issues.  Opportunity to feel success---Pep Rally/Sports/Academics/dancing at the end/ teachers play the games. Advisory Groups these groups work together each morning----they are multi-grade level.  Reward bracelets: Requirements for bracelet—no detentions, commendations, no D’s or F’s. Earned privileges listening to ipod during lunch/recess choices, when to go out, etc. Sit outside weather permitting during the summer/fall mths. Fun days throughout the year---students participate in FUN DAYS, etc. Academic Fair provides a chance for community to see student performance/etc. put in newspaper this year…..older kids mentoring little kids.

e.  Open House Survey----notice going home principal’s coffee, informal talk with the principal prior to PTG. Open House---meet and greet, etc. NW had one just for parents----Back to School Night—and Open House----when? Before School Year begins, etc. Parents liked the idea of both---evening, and an afternoon when school starts.

Other Business:  P/T Conferences---great participation

December 11th—put on agenda----discuss how to get businesses involved.

3.  Budget Review—

4. K-8 Salaries—underfunded than we were last year

5. Budget discussion and reviewed.