Thursday, November 14, 2013

September 2013 Minutes

Notes for Site Base 9/5/13
7:00 PM-8:10 PM
Attending: Mrs. Cahill, Mrs. Manning, Mrs. Whiton, Mr. Elsesser, Miss Brooks, Mrs. Broadley, Mr. Jacobs, Mrs. Ronning, Ms. Palmioto, Mrs. Aumand
1.     We still need parent/community reps.

Community Forum:

1.     A discussion took place about the renovations at Vilas. Mr. Elsesser shared a picture of the possible renovation.
2.     A display will be on hand at the open house of 9/11-9/12
3.     Project ideas, and layout were presented to us.

Should we host a Back-to-School Night?

1.     We feel we had a good turn out at the elementary grades for open house.
2.     Upper grades had a moderate turn out
3.     A suggestion was made that teachers send home a letter in summer.
4.     A global connect call could be made.

Back Packs---

1.     Not allowed to be carried during the day. Satchels are OK. There are too many students with large backpacks, so we have reduced this burden.

Info. Snap

1.     Some found it easy to use our online school registration/sports health forms.
2.     The initial letter will be tweaked for next year to be clearer.
3.     Some parents need to be called in to do the forms.

Old Business:

Goals—We are constantly thinking of what we can do to improve our communications with the public.  What else should happen at our meetings? Be thinking of some more goals setting.

Common Core---Smarter Balance is the new test site. Pilot test to come in Spring, 2014.

Pre-K---there is a coming proposal that will be presented soon.

ASPIRE—the after school program is going well. The Y is hoping for more attendance, and offers activities, snacks, homework help etc.

What’s Going On In Our Schools:
1.     Rewards and Commendations.
2.     Assembly
3.     NWS Grades 2-4 school wide KARATE MATH—using Mastery of facts to earn a belt. More activities to follow.
More Ideas:
1.     Perhaps an adult education area during the school day for computers, etc.
2.     Try to engage families through the Mentoring Program.

New Staff:
1.     D. Gordon---6-8 LA
2.     M. Ferraira---Grade 6 Math/Sci

Other Business:

1.     NH Dance Institute—Sara brought some information to review about a dance program. May do a presentation for site base?
2.     Could Mr. Stan’s program have a culminating student performance for our children?