Monday, January 5, 2015

November Site-Base Minutes

Site-Based November 13, 2014

Attendees: Mrs. Whiton, Mrs. Ronning, Mrs. Breismeister, Mrs. DeCoste, Mrs. Broadley, Mrs. LeClair, Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Bellows, Mr. Jacobs,  Mr. Street (guest—selectman)

Old Business:
1.  Approval of Minutes---approved

2.  Community Forum: November 19th
a.   Interact will do childcare/gym will be available
b.  PTG cupcakes
c.   Notices in Newspapers
d.  Charlestown Site-Based Coming
e.   Dr. Pook---will bring his presentation—thanks to Lori Landry and finding funds
f.     Sam will do introductions and explain site-based roles
g.   Please encourage people to come

3.  Goals—see top of the agenda sheet (we reviewed the goals as written)
On #2 change realistic to relevant
Approval of #1 and #2

4.  Walpole Seniors—Sarah Manning represented us at the Walpole Seniors meeting. The seniors may need a ride to our meetings. We could offer it. What do we have for seniors to participate in at the school?
Suggestions: maybe a list of what seniors could do, it could be generated and then the seniors could fill those roles. It is good that we are opening up the school up to the community. There may be a need for them to go through a background check.

5.  Budget: Sam reviewed budget information
Salaries drive the budget, staffing/personnel
$38,967 for supplies—decrease of $1,734; all listed on the attached sheet
*Added positions
Part-time nurse
Second Grade Teacher
No increase to Pre-K/teaching time
Nurse Needs—3 hours a day/NWS
Behavioral Rehab. Assistant

3 paras cut-1 Skills, 1 WES, 1 NWS

Budget up 3.5%
0.89 cents on $100,000 home
Sam believes that the finance committee will be asking for more cuts. Our revenue has decreased $305,000. We are losing from tuition and from last year’s lower budget last year.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Next Meeting December 10