Monday, January 5, 2015

October Site-Base Minutes

Site Base
October 2, 2014

Attending: Mrs. DeCoste, Mrs. Spaulding, Mr. Jacobs, Mrs. Breismeister,
*Mary Aumand at Open House, Mrs. Broadley, Mrs. LeClair, Mrs. Bellows, Mrs.MacIntire, Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Ronning

Visitor: Lori Landry, Superintendent

Welcome new members—Mrs. Spaulding, Mrs. Breismeister

1.     Community Forum---Sam explained the purpose of the forum time to our new members, Sam shared Science NECAP scores comments, they were excellent, STEM education, new science program in grades 6/7/8

2.    Approval of the Minutes: approved

3.    Old Business
—Lori Landry, welcomed, and shared that the Pre-K programs were recognized by the State of NH in the district. These programs have recently been set up in each attendance area.  

a.     CCSS Forum --- (Mrs. Landry) There is very little information about the test. It appears SMARTER BALANCE test will be given in reading and writing. NECAP Science will continue. We are fortunate that we have the hardware and bandwidth to support the testing. That is not true everywhere in the state.  Our consultant, Joe Miller, has really helped us to implement Common Core in our district. Dr. David Pook will be coming again to work with our district teachers on October 13, 2014.
b.     WSB is willing to organize for a forum to help parents understand Common Core better. We would like to see something for families to get knowledge about the CCSS requirements. Dr. Pook has offered to do a forum.  End of October, beginning of November. 
c.      Forum may be hosted here and invited other attendance areas. Possible November 19th. Jackie----Interact Club maybe to babysit, Sara will email the Interact Club supervisor and get back to Jackie about babysitting through the club.  
d.    Membership—Wendy Whiton and Sara Beauregard will share the support staff position. We really need community people (not school-related folks/retirees/business people) as members.
e.. Adult Classes---Lori met with the technology committee, next Thursday, October 9th, there will decisions made about this and some nice things will be offered.

4.    New Business
a.     Grade 2—class size---Sam would like to look for a new teacher for another second grade due to enrollment and a large class, we need to address the needs of this class.
b.     Goal Development--- Site Base needs 2 goals to work on this year---we need to be thinking about this. Possible Ideas:
*Common Core Communication,
*Make education realistic by bringing in community members to model what kids will be doing in the “real world”.
*Visit groups: Senior Lunch, Women of Walpole, maybe some presentations to these groups
c.     Budget Ideas----Teachers have given requests, Mr. Jacobs has looked into staffing for next year and will meet with Mrs. Landry, Superintendent, and then eventually this will go the school board.
Needs: Pre-K teacher (full time) Pre-K aide (one to one), nurse time, increasing staffing, possible reducing paras, etc.

Next Meeting: November 12, 2014,