Monday, January 5, 2015

September 2014 Minutes

Walpole Site Base Meeting  -  September 3, 2014

Attendees: Sarah Manning, Sam Jacobs, Lil DeCoste, Lorraine Brooks, Christine Broadley, Gayle Bellows

Community Forum – No discussion

Approval of Minutes  -  Sam is to send May minutes to all members.

Old Business
            Membership  -  Sarah Manning was voted in as chairperson. She will also have the parent 2 year position. Searching for community members. Please give Sam nominations. Send request to papers and Lil DeCoste

            CCSS Forum and Adult Classes. – The site base voted to send a letter to the superintendent to discuss progress on a CC forum and the offering of adult classes (Jacobs, DeCoste, Manning)
-  The forum should be from a child’s perspective so that parents can clearly understand what their kids will experience.
-  Keep dates away from district budget hearings.
-  Why are some districts allowed to opt out of testing? (The state is allowing this if districts have an approved assessment with the state.)

New Business
School opening – all very smooth
Enrollment numbers reviewed – North Walpole School saw a significant increase of new students.
Staffing – 2 new teachers, Allegra Pickering Kndergarten and Brandie
 Sweetland 5-8 Special Ed.

Goal Development – we will work on this at our next meeting
            One idea – Food Service

Parent / Community Presentation

            “Worried About Your Worrier”
                        Sept. 24      6:00-8:00pm
                        Lynn Lyons

Need to promote this presentation
Door prizes, mailing, school messenger, child care, meet at central spot drive over together  -  life touch prize

No soccer that night  -  Sam to contact town

Provide a better explanation of purpose to parents.