Thursday, June 12, 2014

April 2, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Site Base April 2, 2014

Attending: J. Ronning, L. Brooks, J. Palmiotto, S. Fuller, S. Cahill, N. LeClair, S. Jacobs, M. MacIntire, J. Fabis, G. Bellows, S. Manning, G. Elsesser, S. Fuller
Meeting began: 7:06 p.m.

1.     Community Forum:  None

2.     Minutes—January 8, 2014---Approved

3.     Evening Classes:

* FM Technology Department has sent home a survey for evening classes. Technicians were interested in helping the community members, hoping to get a good turn out for these workshops. Sam will resend the survey. We hope to host these evening classes in our local attendance areas.

4.     Adult/Parent Library----Mr. Stan donated many items. We will keep promoting it in the newsletter. It can go home with the children to parents. Mrs. Bellows reported the current list is the most recent newsletter.

5.     SAU/Walpole School Website---remind parents to go to this site. We discussed how to get updates sent to parents via email/push notifications. This will be checked on.

6.     Common Core Forum: Principals would like to host something in the Fall, 2014, to explain and direct the curriculum changes for parents/community members.

7.     Community Activities--- At our last meeting we discussed bringing the community into the school to lead programs. We have a tremendous amount of activities going on right now, but will investigate this further for next year.

8.     Results of NECAP and MAP Testing—results came out at the end of January, and we are looking at the comparison of the cohorts of kids. Sam presented data.

 *Scores should be in the 80th and 90th percent
 *Writing: We have used staff time to review writing/discuss ways to improve. We need to improve in this area.
 *COHORTS DATA----some cohorts dropped, and some went up, how do we encourage the students to improve? We are constantly working on this. It was noted that a leave of absence by a teacher could be an issue in the 8th grade testing. It shows the impact educators have on student performance.

9. BUDGET RESULTS---there are not a lot of items in the budget for Walpole, we have a pre-K program for 2014-2015, and are planning ahead for next year. It is a ½ day preschool program. We had a reasonable tax increase in the community. The FMRSD budget passed.

10. ENERGY AUDIT— completed, there will be an attempt to cut costs by using two or more heating methods (propane, wood chips, oil) This pays for itself overtime.


1.    Writing— vision to improve the writing scores, Collins, Six Traits, Committee Set Up to explore new methods

2.     Handwriting, Cursive, etc.---discussion will occur on the value of
cursive teaching, and printing and keyboarding. Sam will lead a discussion with the faculty about our approach.

3.     Teacher Evaluation Model----State of NH is aligning the model of the teacher evaluation forms and tying in some important components to the program which relate to Common Core—using Danielson Model, Teacher needs to be aware of how to become
distinguished…evaluation is for growth, not for disciplinary action. Eventually testing data will be part of the eval.

4.     Star Math/Accelerated Math—NW has researched this, we are moving to the programs for these children, testing/progress monitoring might replace AIMSWEB because it does the scoring for you. Star Reader, does this too, everything is broken down, etc.  Accelerated Math: This program will generate a particular lesson tailored to the student’s needs.

5. Pre-K-Kindergarten Handbook----The enrollment maximum will be                  
    15 children. We will mail families a packet. The enrollment will
    occur on a first come/first serve basis. A handbook for both Pre-K
    and Kindergarten will be generated.

6.     Emergency Protocols---we are meeting with local agencies, we want to make sure that we get information, and then disseminate it appropriately. We are asking that people call if they hear about an emergency so that we can prepare and react accordingly.

7.     Smarter Balanced Test (Common Core Test)— a learning experience for all, NW was not chosen to pilot, but all teachers had a chance to experience it. We were able to administer/observe.  We will give feedback to the state and company

8.     Depth of Knowledge ----We will present more about this at the next meeting. It is about the depth of the curriculum as opposed to breadth.

9.     After School Clubs---Thunder Chickens, Game Clubs, etc.

a.     Running Club M/Th—5k race, 43 kids running, they will do a 5K race, everyone has stayed in it…..The students have enjoyed it, and will get prizes for each of the 4 laps they run. 

b.     Lego, cooking, and crafts

10. Academic Fair---big night/big success—some community members came

11. Wellness is going on throughout the year……NW went sliding,  WPS dancing, and 6-8 went swimming,  and 5th graders will go swimming soon.

12. Nurse at NWS—thank you. A substitute nurse was hired because our nursing needs were above capacity.

 Meeting adjourned 8:40 p.m. Next meeting:  May 7th, 2014