Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Site Base Notes 12/11/13
7:00 PM-8:20 PM

Attending:   J. Ronning, S. Fuller, S. Cahill, G. Elsesser, N. LeClair, S. Jacobs, G. Stan, J. Palmiotto

Community Forum:

1.     Possibly other towns will be asking for budgets to be cut to reduce the burden on the smaller towns.
2.     This may not impact Walpole too much.

3.     Keene Drug Use Study---Glenn mentioned the area study that was done by Keene State College. A forum was held recently. Perhaps we can get some information about it.

Approval of the Minutes:  Approved


1.     Is there a possibility to include/instate the part-time nurse in the budget? Could we add this back into the budget?
2.     We may need that extra nurse at North Walpole to address the student needs.
3.     Mrs. Palmiotto/Mrs. Manning (absent) requested that this be reconsidered/open for discussion.
4.      It was mentioned that all towns are losing equity aide, taxpayers taking on more of the burden due to this.
5.     Sam told the SB if there are any more health cases for the nurse, we might need to address this by getting a part-time nurse/LPN/LNA through a special unbudgeted request.
6.     Questions regarding the medically needy population.
7.     A motion was made for a $27,000.00(20 hours/week) line item to the Walpole Budget to allow for additional part-time nurse to assist with responsibilities.  (Motion---Mrs. Palmiotto, Second--none) denied/no second.
8.     Sam will review the current positions to see if we are maximizing our current staff.
9.     Question regarding the responsibility of the nurse to fulfill the obligations. It was noted that Nurse Chuda is responsible for any medical actions taken in the schools. She supervises the staff interventions and training of that staff.

1.     Site Base agreed to be the oversight board for the guidance department.
2.     The guidance department would like to present the program and ask for suggestions and get approval for the curriculum, responsive services/family issues, individual planning (more high school), system supports (504 plans).

3.     Current Curriculum----K-8 instruction. A basic overview of guidance
a.     See chart/document---Mrs. Fuller shared K-4
b.     Concepts shared---5-8, Mr. Stan---Empathy/Gratitude/Puberty,
6th grade---Courage, Perseverance, Suffrage Movement Labor, Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Integrity
7th grade-----Camp Takodah, self-confidence, group work
8th grade-----Careers—job shadow, making good choices

February or March there will be another presentation from the guidance program for our approval.

      *Cyber Safety—how to address this with students, social media, etc. Can we please add this to the next agenda/possible offer some workshops for parents?

Old Business:  For the Agenda
1.       Common Core---We can host the Common Core evening for the parents/community members, etc.  Goal: Awareness, perhaps invite the other attendance areas.   Host it the first week of April to coincide with the TV Turn-Off Week
2.       Sam will contact Lynn Philips---money for technology classes for parents, etc. 
3.       Add to agenda for next time: How to improve cyber saftety