Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 2014 Minutes

Site Base
January 8, 2014

Attending:  J. Ronning, L. Brooks, S. Jacobs, C. Broadley, L. DeCoste, J. Fabis, J. Palmiotto, M. McIntire, G. Elsesser, S. Manning, M. Aumand, G. Bellows, N. LeClair.

Community Forum:
1.     How is the superintendent search is going? There is no superintendent search at this time.
2.      Lil DeCoste explained superintendent search entails hiring someone to do the advertising; they are going to decide what are they going to do at this time at their Monday meeting.
3.     No budget changes. Board approved.
4.     There will be a hearing at the high school.
5.     Pellet Furnace-Silo for Walpole School may be something for the future. An organization came to the Board and explained the study that was done on our buildings. Company guarantees the savings. We would use both pellets and oil burning furnace

Approval of Minutes: Approved

Common Core Forum: Principals meet with consultant on Jan. 10. Let’s talk about a Parent Presentation at our next meeting.  We would host this during TV Turn-Off Week.
Things that people might want to know about Common Core (what would they like)
1.     Community members/business what they need from the graduates
2.     Examples of Common Core
3.     Identify need and reason for change
4.     Practical Applications
5.     Teachers—What changes they find themselves implementing?
*lots of ways to do things
*more evidence
*more discussion/inferential thinking
*stronger vocabulary
*more critical thinking, more mindful and more aware of reading/language
*teaching perseverance

Think About the Following
What does the evening look like?
How is the assessment different?
Persistence as part of our children’s experience in Common Core?

First Week in April for Forum, invite preschools

Adult Classes: Sam contacted the Tech Director/Lynne Philips about holding adult ed. classes----Cyber Safety, Cyber Bullying.  Other Ideas: nutrition, exercise, How to help kids or parents with Divorce. Parents/Sharing Your Child at School, Child Independence-Raising a Resilient Child, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Survey Local Businesses to find out what they would want their employees to know…..

            Discussion about possible fees

Community Connection

How to give Community an idea of what is going on in their town.  Walpole Leadership Academy,
Invite community members to show how their job relates to math (to kids)
Job Shadowing
Community Members---people offering after school clubs
Interact/Community Service Club

Parent Resource Library

How to get resources for parents……Sam has items in his office. Gathering….List for parents of items…Common Core material, parenting resources. Videos child development….librarian…..local groups and availability of groups for families…
Resourcing the old computers to families that don’t have them…speakers and their books, etc. Local Directory….Youth Listings, etc.
·      Walpole library used to print out a directory of the local programs and businesses (do they still do it?).
·      Walpole Leadership is printing a business list. The Site Base Committee would like to have a youth/local listing section added to this as well. Jen and Lil will look into this.
Other Business: -----
·      First budget meeting is 16th 5:30 pm at the high school

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting February 5th 7:00

**Thank you to Christine Broadley for finishing the notes for us.