Friday, July 26, 2013

2012-2013 Walpole Site-Based Committee Annual Report

2012-2013 Walpole School Site-Based Annual Report
       The Walpole School Site-Based Committee, comprised of teachers, parents, community members, support staff, a school board member and the principal, have met monthly this past school year.  
            Every year, the Walpole School Site-Based Committee is actively involved in the formation of the new school budget.  This past school year, the site-based committee assisted with the completion of the two year progress report which notifies the New England Association of Schools and Colleges on the school’s progress in addressing the recommendations for school improvement. Walpole School received their accreditation in November of 2011.  The committee also closely supervises all school improvement initiatives and new programs. 
The site-based committee has embraced its vision of working collaboratively to design and implement educational programs that will allow all students and staff to learn and succeed in a mutually supportive environment.  It is our hope that you will all join us in this journey.  Our results are listed below.
 1.  Held monthly meetings.
 2.  Recorded minutes of meetings.
 3.  Posted minutes at all school buildings.
 4.  Developed and approved items in the 2013-2014 school budget.
 5.  Communicated to all Walpole Attendance Area parents by mailing a letter expressing our support for the 2013-2014 warrant articles.               
 6.  Continued supporting the Walpole School Mathematics Improvement Plan.
 7.  Maintained open communication with our constituents.
 8.  Invited the school board, select people and the budget committee to a site-based meeting for a
      budget presentation.
 9.  Started a Walpole Site-Based Blog.
10.  Reviewed student results on assessments and the formation of school data teams.
11.  Supported the Walpole School Decennial Accreditation and assisted in the completion of a Two-Year Progress Report.                            
12.  Reviewed and Revised the Site-Based Committee By-laws.
13.  Formed a committee to research the offering of a Pre-K program in the school.
14.  Became the advisory committee for the school guidance program.
15.  The Walpole Site-Based Committee completes an annual performance report each summer.
16.  Reviewed procedures and training in regard to suicide prevention and school safety procedures.
17.  Participated in a Common Core Mathematics Informational Forum.
18.  Approved a partnership with the Meeting Waters YMCA after school program “ASPIRE.”
19.  Supported the Wellness initiative throughout the Walpole School.
20.  Assisted school staff in the hiring process of teachers. 
Goals and Suggestions for Improvement for the Next School Year:
       Will be determined in the fall of 2013.
Walpole School Site-Based Committee