Monday, May 20, 2013

April 3, 2013 Meeting

April 3, 2013 Walpole Site Base Group 7-8 P.M.

Attendance: Lorraine Brooks, Sarah Manning, Denise Presutti, Jackie Ronning, Glenn Elsesser, Wendy Whiton, Sam Jacobs, Molly Sheldon, Sarah Cahill, Lil DeCoste, Jennifer Fabis

Community Forum----Feedback on the High School Math Common Core
The goal was to collect input on the Common Core, and for information

1. Y-Aspire—The Survey went out twice.  Lack of interest from Walpole Area, not negative, people are just comfortable with childcare that they have right now.  We will see what the Y wants to do at this time. They may have ideas about how to promote the aftercare for next year.  Our parents have their children in many different things, and perhaps they don’t need the care.

2. Budget/Contract Approved—We thank Walpole for the votes and showing support for the contract/budgets. The majority of the other towns passed it, and it is in force for the next year.  Support Staff and Teacher Contracts will go out shortly.
*We lost a teaching position in Walpole due to attrition of students.
*We don’t know about K class size, more students are coming.

3. Common Core--- Comments:
*Great forum by Dr. Livingston
*Very well organized
*Very informative
*Great conversation
*Went by fast
*Outstanding information
*Things are going to change, instruction/rigor
*Good that businesses are there
*Wish more parents were there—wish more parents were there to see what is offered at FM.
*Will it be offered to the parents?
*Education is forever---we need that

4. ½ Day Early Release---Writing Common Core Workshops
*k-1, more specific details, there will be more, deeper expectations, there’s a lot to it, the whole process is a very long, and involved, more information will be required and based on non-fiction, the performance tasks will take many days to fulfill.

*4-5, It will be a lot for kids to sit through and focus on, taking information on multiple sources, etc. Writing a variety of essays that will be challenging and based upon non-fictions, good continuity in each grade, common rubric for grades 3-5.

New Business—All three schools approved for the next three years in the areas of: safety reports, building, curriculum, health, etc. We have passed. We have completed this extensive state report, and all has gone well, we are an approved school(s) for 3 years.

1.     Champion Schools----All three schools won a banner for our healthy eating and exercising/wellness, we can also add to the banner for the next few years as we continue to improve, good things have been happening with the changes in food choices, etc.  We made the silver category, everyone has to sign the forms on staff to be a gold school, and you must get more staff to commit in order to get the gold medal. No sweets at birthday parties, etc., Walpole Walks A Million—we will walk to school on Fridays. We will walk the month of May each Friday.

2.     After School Clubs-----Game Club, Craft Club, Snack Club, Lego Club, every Thursday is club day for activities. They have been going really well! Snack club makes snack for everybody, PTG gave money for crafts, etc. They have been able to manage the costs (Thank you! PTG!!!!)

3.     Accelerated Reader—5th grade will do it next year. It was successful this year, in grade 2-4.

4.     Interviews May 2nd for Carol Ross’s position, 6-8 Language Arts


Pavement and Road work done this summer

Shower’s will be fixed from using money from the Hubbard Foundation,
Men’s room doesn’t have hot water

Energy Efficiency Funds will be used to deal with various concerns, such as hot water during the summer

Computer Lab will be updated, and reconstructed a bit for a better fit for students

Garden will be managed differently than last year. We have different families and groups sponsoring the beds, we also have the greenhouse coming through Hooper. Everyone is very excited about it. It is a part of our curriculum

May 1st Meeting topics—Pre-K