Monday, December 10, 2012

Minutes - 11/14/12

November 14, 2012  -  Walpole Site Base Minutes

Members Attending: Sarah Manning, Wendy Whiton, Carol Ross, Stephanie Fuller, Lorraine Brooks, Melissa MacIntire, Sarah Cahill and Sam Jacobs

Reviewed how budget is developed. Teachers were frugal.

Basically no changes. Explained code system.

Big push – trade books (especially at North Walpole). Funds for technology,  another mobile lab for North Walpole, smart boards for classrooms.

Budget proposal $1 million over default budget. Principals made cuts.

Reviewed preschool considerations. Walpole will study for a year.

Additional nursing for Walpole is cut (at this time)

No paraprofessionals lost at WES. Will look at use of paraprofessionals for math RTI.

Will look at music schedule.
            Melissa – Charlestown gives stipend to a teacher for chorus. Is that a       possibility for us? Will probably restructure music schedule.

Have lost no staff at this point.

(Reviewed Walpole line items) page by page.

Unsure of tax impac $100 per hundred thousand for property value for Walpole. Just completed an appraisal. No numbers in yet.

Have not heard of impact on other towns yet.

Finance committee needs to go to school board with final numbers. May still see further cuts.