Monday, December 10, 2012

Minutes - 10/3/12

Walpole Site Base Minutes – 10/3/12

Minutes approved

Blog update – loaded dates, minutes, annual report, by-laws. Name of blog is Walpole Go to SAU website. Sam will check on activity. Membership request. Sam is writing articles for Clarion.  Should be out soon. Hoping for community members.

By-law committee – not a lot of changes. Changed vision statement to mission statement. December meeting laws will be looked at. Changes need to be voted on.

New Business  -  Budget timeline – request from teachers are due on October 12. Sam knows areas that he wants to increase. Few more smart boards, furniture and technology. Will invite some board members to next meeting for budget. Sam will propose no staffing changes. Nursing will be looked at. A student has to be monitored carefully. She will be going to North Walpole. Money should be split between district and Walpole. Perhaps a nurse for 2 days. A suggestion is made for another full time nurse.

RTI model – Finding a person who would be able to help students for tier 3 students in math.

Facilities – looking good. Roof done in North Walpole and Elementary. Primary has to be done down the road. Slow replacement of lockers and doors. No large expenditure for Walpole. North Walpole furnace has been worked on. Won’t need to replace in near future.

Healthy Youth  -  October 18 at the town hall. Goal is to invite different groups to speak on how to help our youth in Walpole.

Wellness Policy  -  Presented with ideas. Stayed with the federal guidelines. Presented to board and passed. Educating people on how to eat health is important. Section F. Be alerted by fund raising part. Policy has been slowly introduced. Policy has started discussion. Thinking about adjusting lunchtime for middle school students. Some students seem hungry.

Looked at MAP scores for science grade 4, 52% proficient. Grade 8, 54% proficient. School was way above for state. 6,7,8 did not take fall test. Will do in January. Grade 2 takes a different test. Compares students with other students across the country. Discussed Aims Web testing. Students will get immediate results and teachers use this information to differentiate.

Mary Aumand